Civil Rights and Women’s Issues

I have the great honor of representing a district that embodies Chicago’s diversity. We are a community of immigrants, where families from around the world have settled to call home.

As Congressman, I am determined to make a safe, equitable environment available to all, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, or immigration status.

More on Civil Rights and Women’s Issues

July 29, 2020 Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC– Today the House advanced a plan from Reps. Jesús “Chuy” García (D-IL), Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Joaquin Castro (D-TX) to curtail the ability of federal law enforcement officers to intervene in constitutionally protected protests across the country.

July 21, 2020 Press Release

Washington, DC - Representative Jesús “Chuy” García issued the following statement following reports that President Trump plans to deploy federal agents in Chicago:

June 15, 2020 Press Release

Chicago, IL - Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that sexual orientation and gender identity are protected characteristics under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination in employment. The case is Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia. Congressman Jesús “Chuy García” (IL04) released the following statement after the announcement:

June 3, 2020 Press Release

Chicago, IL - In response to the murder of George Floyd and systemic police brutality against Black and Latino communities, Representative Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04) joined Ayanna Pressley (MA-07), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Karen Bass (CA-37), Barbara Lee (CA-13), and 45 Members of Congress to introduce a resolution calling on Congress to condemn the criminalization of marginalized communities. Congressman García also supports transformative legislation to end police brutality, immunity, and corruption. His statement is below:

June 3, 2020 Press Release

Chicago, IL - Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García released the following statement to protest the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer: 

“Last week, amidst an unprecedented economic crisis and a virus ravaging black and brown communities, George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by police in Minneapolis. The video and images of his death horrified people across America, who then took to the streets to demand an end to racist policing.”

December 6, 2019 Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04) voted today in support of H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act. The bill would restore protections gutted by the Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision, which made it easier to implement barriers to voting. 

April 4, 2019 Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04) voted to pass H.R. 1585 a bipartisan, robust, long-term Violence Against Women Act reauthorization.  The 1994 Violence Against Women Act established groundbreaking protections from violence and abuse for all Americans, and helped ensure victims and survivors have the support they need. This critical reauthorization makes vital improvements that will further build upon the life-saving protections for women throughout Illinois and across the country.

March 8, 2019 Press Release

Washington, DC- Today Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García voted in support of H.R. 1, The For The People Act, a historic reform package to fight corruption and protect democracy in our country. 

“Today we passed a historic package of democracy reforms, ethics standards, and voting protections to ensure government works for the public interest, not special interests. 

March 7, 2019 Press Release

Washington, DC- Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04) issued the following statement after voting to support H.R. 183, a Congressional resolution condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and all forms of racism: