January 19, 2019
Press Release

Chicago, IL-- Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García issued the following statement today, on day 29 of the federal government shutdown, in response to President Trump’s speech:

“President Trump has gone on television again with a proposal that is a sham. It fails to bring 800,000 public employees back to work and it fails to address permanent solutions to DACA and TPS. Trump insists on holding Americans hostage to the idea of a wall that people don’t want.

“Democrats voted to reopen the government on Day 1 of this Congress. Next week, my colleagues and I will pass a package of six more bills previously agreed to by House and Senate negotiators and other legislation to re-open the government so that we can fully negotiate border security proposals.

“President Trump’s resistance to reopen the government has put our communities, our federal workers and our economy at peril. In my district, we have families at risk of homelessness, there are women and children in dangerous situations because of potential loss of funds for domestic violence programs, and federal employees have started turning to food banks to fill their pantries.

“President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell need to do their job and reopen the government.”