Congressman García Stands in Support of Climate, Care and Justice Priorities for the Budget Reconciliation Package

July 20, 2021
Press Release
“Now is the time to stand together in support of a big and bold plan”

CHICAGO, IL- Today Congressman Jesús G. “Chuy '' García, a member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, joined the Green New Deal Network, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement and a coalition of environmental organizations and grassroots activists standing in support of climate, care, and environmental and social justice priorities for the budget reconciliation package.

Congressman Jesús G. “Chuy” García issued the following statement:

“The climate crisis threatens our economy, our national security, and our planet, and the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure package does next to nothing to stop it. As rising water levels in Lake Michigan threaten Chicago and fires and droughts devastate the west, we need more. The transportation sector is our country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Tackling the climate crisis means investing in sustainable infrastructure that brings our economy into the 21st century and meets the needs of working people and frontline and Black and Brown communities.

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle the climate crisis and chronic, inequitable disinvestment that has plagued working class and marginalized communities for decades. We must invest in public transit, electrify our public transportation systems, and expand investments in reducing carbon and other harmful air pollutants. The current Senate proposal seems to move us backwards by doubling down on harmful highway widenings and providing inadequate support for public transit. The Senate proposal may not even match the current 80-20 highway-transit funding split, let alone make it more equitable for transit.

Congress must advance a bold reconciliation package to advance our shared climate, care, immigration, and justice priorities. I will not support a bipartisan infrastructure package or reconciliation deal that does not meet these criteria. We owe it to our children to seize this moment.”