Congressman García’s Reaction to President Biden’s First Address to a Joint Session of Congress

April 28, 2021
Press Release

CHICAGO, IL  Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García issued the following statement after President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress: 

“Leadership matters and President Biden sent a clear signal tonight: America is on the move and we are ready to lead the world. We are at an inflection point and the President presented a bold, concrete plan to invest trillions in infrastructure and our families. After decades of disinvestment and devastation from this pandemic, communities like those I represent in Chicago -- working-class, immigrant, and diverse -- families are struggling to get by. The President’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan are the kind of once-in-a century investments our country needs to propel us forward for years to come.

“The American Families Plan proposes long overdue investments in childcare, health care, and workers’ rights. It would build on the President’s Rescue Plan to cut child poverty by more than half, ensure a national $15 minimum wage, and cement 12 weeks of paid family medical leave for all Americans.

"Coupled with the American Jobs Plan to invest trillions in our crumbling infrastructure, the President is handing Congress a blueprint to keep America strong and competitive. These proposals get to the root of the structural racism and disinvestment that continues to plague communities of color. By spending billions to create and provide jobs and opportunities to a generation of young people, we can finally begin to address the root causes of racial and socioeconomic inequity that has impacted our communities for generations.

“Though today’s address signals an Administration willing to meet the size and scope of need in our country, the President’s plans could have been bolder. President Biden should have included components of his U.S. Citizenship Act to provide a path to citizenship for millions and he missed an opportunity to lay out a path to achieve healthcare for all. 

“100 days in and the President continues to deliver on his promises to beat back the virus, revitalize our economy, and set America on a path to thrive for decades to come. President Biden is doing what we expect presidents to do: lead and give our country vision and hope. Tonight’s address was a shot in the arm and a call to action. Congress must move quickly to advance these historic investments.”