Congressman García Applauds Passage in the House of Representatives of the INVEST in America Act, Calls for Additional Climate Provisions in Reconciliation

July 1, 2021
Press Release
This Legislation will create good-paying jobs, start addressing the climate crisis, and modernize crumbling infrastructure. More action is needed though on climate

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WASHINGTON, DC-  Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García, a member of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, applauded the passage of the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in America) Act in the House of Representatives today while advocating for further action to address the transportation sector’s role in the climate crisis as part of a reconciliation package. 

The $547 billion five-year surface transportation reauthorization bill directs federal investments in roads, bridges, transit, and rail and will help accelerate the reimagining of national transportation policies to confront the climate crisis and invest in American workers and frontline communities.

Congressman García issued the following statement regarding the bill’s passage:  


“The INVEST in America Act is an ambitious package to bring our country’s infrastructure into the 21st century and address the growing climate crisis-- and we can’t afford to settle for less. I’m proud that many of my priorities are included in this bill, including record investments in public transit and passenger rail, new requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the advancement of equitable transit-oriented development, and the creation of hundreds thousands of good paying, union jobs. 

“However, this week’s heat wave in the Pacific Northwest shows that the climate crisis is upon us and that we must act even more boldly and swiftly to avoid the devastating consequences of climate change. That’s why I introduced amendments to take the action we need to stop climate change, and begin to undo decades of racially motivated disinvestment and environmental injustice inflicted on frontline communities. My amendments would greatly increase investment in projects to decrease carbon and air pollution and prioritize frontline communities, fund transit at the same level we fund roads, and provide $200 billion to electrify every public transit bus, school bus, and commuter railroad in this Country. I will keep fighting to pass these urgent priorities into law.

“Working class communities like mine urgently need the robust public investment included in this bill. As we move forward toward a reconciliation package, we must include these investments and policy changes to fully address the climate crisis before it's too late. If an infrastructure deal does not take the necessary steps on climate, I will not support it. Our country can’t sacrifice our future for token bipartisanship in the Senate.”

A summary of the provisions Congressman García contributed to the bill and his priorities can be found here

The list of Member Designated Projects for Illinois’s 4th Congressional District that Congressman García secured in the legislation can be found here.